the war of the hedgehog

to evoke critical thought… to create discomfort… to question the origin and ownership of leading synergies and media organisations… to remind one of the depths of compassion and love humans are capable of… A story about characters, shaped and shaken by the contextuality of an exaggerated – yet, with reminiscence of our presence – time, the … Continue reading


I wondered how one could possibly talk about history with their kids, at least from the part where beer-loving Gutenberg thought of using the wine press to make books, of all things. It’s obvious why he did it – he hated wine! But that’s besides the point. If he didn’t ever come up with such a crazy idea, … Continue reading

cappuccino, world order

What’s so great about cappuccino? I wondered about this recently over a cup. Here I am, in the least french places of Paris – Starbucks – about to have cappuccino. The barrista is a thin French rooster, grumpy because he’s either sleepy (it’s 8.00AM on a Saturday) or angry because they made an attempt to … Continue reading

the new Homo

Wait, that title doesn’t sound right. There is a common trait among young people. It is the inability to stay focused on what they talk about for over a minute (approximately). It’s not a judgment and I don’t qualify this trait as bad or good. In fact, many youngsters I’ve met often tell me that … Continue reading

mother’s day

I would like to propose to the World Establishment to re-word this celebrated day from Mother’s Day to Woman’s Day. Wait, there is a Woman’s Day day already. Or, was that one during Communism? Mother’s Day. I get the idea that society wishes to acknowledge all the moms on one day (because the other 364 … Continue reading


We’re visiting the grandparents in 23 days (in Illinois – worth revising traveling arrangements with toddlers). We’re visiting the grandparents for two whole weeks! Brace yourself, Mrs. Hillman! Breathe. I count the days to the visit but I will carve the days on my wrist until we leave. Visiting the grandparents – they may as … Continue reading


My mom recently told me how she decided to act in impossibly difficult arguments with others. In arguments where your opponent has said something about which you’re ready to tie his limbs to four horses and  stretch him until he bursts at the seams, but because of societal pressure you must just keep quiet, bite … Continue reading


My husband and I signed up for tango classes. Please, don’t laugh. No, we’re not in our ’80s yet and neither is this the ’30s, but I thought (me, who else), why not try and learn Argentinian tango! Now that we’ve mastered all the other tango since we got married, I thought it’s time for … Continue reading


Vorsprung durch Technik How automated are our lives today? Isn’t it amazing? We can just sit and do nothing. Well, not nothing – consume. We can consume our ready and available for consumption things because we don’t have all the distraction of manual work and preparations. Because everything is ready and automatically pre- pre- prepared … Continue reading