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We’re visiting the grandparents in 23 days (in Illinois – worth revising traveling arrangements with toddlers). We’re visiting the grandparents for two whole weeks! Brace yourself, Mrs. Hillman! Breathe. I count the days to the visit but I will carve the days on my wrist until we leave. Visiting the grandparents – they may as … Continue reading


My mom recently told me how she decided to act in impossibly difficult arguments with others. In arguments where your opponent has said something about which you’re ready to tie his limbs to four horses and  stretch him until he bursts at the seams, but because of societal pressure you must just keep quiet, bite … Continue reading


My husband and I signed up for tango classes. Please, don’t laugh. No, we’re not in our ’80s yet and neither is this the ’30s, but I thought (me, who else), why not try and learn Argentinian tango! Now that we’ve mastered all the other tango since we got married, I thought it’s time for … Continue reading


I’ve been reading about how to spur creativity. Apparently, I have three options, at least those are the only ones known to the experienced experts, or, maybe it was just a bunch of options preferred by a lazy, weird junky. There are three common ways to wake up your right side of the brain – … Continue reading


I propose any one of the following slogans for a possible favourite to those who don’t have one yet. I suspect that when my kids become teenagers, they’ll hardly think of slogans, mottos, or any other smart-pants shibboleths which to use as a guide to how to live their lives, so, in case they (kids, … Continue reading

always right

“Daddy is ALWAYS right…except in cases when mommy states the opposite”. My hubby teaching the kids… I couldn’t stop laughing to the witty remark.

hiding place

Anywhere, we’ll hide just about anywhere to get that little peace and quiet from kids flurry, household madness, mess, noise, spinning – my head is spinning just describing it. Back to happy place: best hiding place. The best hiding place of all? The bathroom! Long live the person who invented the modern bathroom. No wonder … Continue reading

rap song

I wonder if Shakespeare ever tried his hands at writing rap. The guy was good with the rhymes. Maybe he would have been excellent in rapping. Imagine, Richard III, the great rap tragedy. I tried writing rap. I have so much respect for rapper writers – it’s a hard business that…genre. I mean it. Apologies … Continue reading

cinema date

I love going to the cinema. The moving picture is so fascinating. Montages, subjective camera, special effects. I love going to a cinema date, too. But ever since we got our first kid, and then our second kid a year and a half later, and then our third kid, another year later, I still love … Continue reading


I can’t hide my excitement about my family and I going to Chicago in a couple of months. In 65 days, 13 hours and 17 minutes to be precise. But I can’t hide the fact that it’s insane as an idea, irresponsible as an initiative, and will definitely induce severe headaches, backaches, nipple-aches (for me), … Continue reading