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the war of the hedgehog

to evoke critical thought… to create discomfort… to question the origin and ownership of leading synergies and media organisations… to remind one of the depths of compassion and love humans are capable of… A story about characters, shaped and shaken by the contextuality of an exaggerated – yet, with reminiscence of our presence – time, the … Continue reading

switching roles

Following the common practice of casual Fridays, I’d like to propose the “switch the role” weekends to people across the globe. It’ll be fun. In some parts – scary. Imagine a rapist switching roles with the raped…I think he’ll be tortured for a very long time first. Then killed. Killed slowly. Ok, imagine case scenarios … Continue reading


Once there was a taxi driver who lived and drove his taxi in the big American city. This taxi driver wasn’t originally born in the big American city. In fact, he had come from far away, from a place where, once, the very Spartans trained their warrior sons. He was disarmingly charming, unintentionally bright, physically … Continue reading

letter to grandma

Dear Grandma, I’m emailing you out of convenience, to correctly spell every word and, because I don’t have much time for you any other way. I know you’re slow with the reading, obsessed with the spelling mistakes, and likely to doze off any minute so I’ll be quick. You should know that I’m OK. People … Continue reading

teen fiction

Brighton treats you to quite a few unique book shops, full of very old, many second-hand, books. The shops, in fact, look more like underground bunkers cluttered with authentic relics from the time of yore than the glamorous Barnes&Noble-type or the more common melange ones I had written about a while ago. It made me think … Continue reading


An image is a concrete concept, not an abstract one. It doesn’t require much from the viewer to decipher its meaning. Just a pair of eyes. Culturally, we could misinterpret images, of course. But we’ll still ‘get’ it much easier than if it were a word, for which we need to learn how to read, … Continue reading

family lunch

I can’t help it at family gatherings – all the noise, overwhelming preparation, lots of food, and gossip cracks me up. And by family, understand people whose names I still guess after 10 years being around them. I can only describe an eventful family gathering (this time for Easter) in a comedy of three acts: … Continue reading

about Milly’s story…

The story about Milly and her band of brothers is semi-true. The war happened. Jo Collins did go to Vietnam to hand in a lifetime subscription of Playboy to 1st Lt. Jack Price, commander of the 503rd Infantry Regiment’s “Bravo Bulls”. And she really thought she was going somewhere in Europe, or so the press said … Continue reading

Milly and her band of brothers – last part

“All set?” Roy asked rubbing his hands and hopping from one foot to another. “Yes, how’s my make-up?” Said Ollie. “Guys, so, after my part as Nixon, Sam will come to replace me. I’ll go and get started on with the cookies, yeah?”, asked Julian. She looked nervous, like everyone else. “Come replace me as … Continue reading