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I wondered how one could possibly talk about history with their kids, at least from the part where beer-loving Gutenberg thought of using the wine press to make books, of all things. It’s obvious why he did it – he hated wine! But that’s besides the point. If he didn’t ever come up with such a crazy idea, … Continue reading

cappuccino, world order

What’s so great about cappuccino? I wondered about this recently over a cup. Here I am, in the least french places of Paris – Starbucks – about to have cappuccino. The barrista is a thin French rooster, grumpy because he’s either sleepy (it’s 8.00AM on a Saturday) or angry because they made an attempt to … Continue reading


Vorsprung durch Technik How automated are our lives today? Isn’t it amazing? We can just sit and do nothing. Well, not nothing – consume. We can consume our ready and available for consumption things because we don’t have all the distraction of manual work and preparations. Because everything is ready and automatically pre- pre- prepared … Continue reading

switching roles

Following the common practice of casual Fridays, I’d like to propose the “switch the role” weekends to people across the globe. It’ll be fun. In some parts – scary. Imagine a rapist switching roles with the raped…I think he’ll be tortured for a very long time first. Then killed. Killed slowly. Ok, imagine case scenarios … Continue reading


The sales period is crazy. Sales are now nearly over, but since they create such a commotion, news headlines, perhaps – divorces, too, I decided to dedicate a couple of thoughts on the phenomenon. My very first experience with sales in London this year, taught me a lesson. It also made me realise what a … Continue reading


You know how friends, or relatives, sometimes come to you and announce something really unexpectedly? Just like that. Out of the blue. Like, “ma, I joined the worshipers of Satan community”, or “honey, I’m … gay but never mind, I’ll still take care of the kids”. The same way a friend of mine I met … Continue reading


The Economist’s cover hit it again. The article went about the fact that inventions occur at a much slower pace than before. Not only, inventions fare poorly in terms of their usability compared to the loo. You won’t get sick without a cell phone, or a smart phone, or a nano gadget, but just imagine … Continue reading


Christmas is over and all we’re left with is extra fat on our hips, presents we never needed, and a long to-do list – the so-called new-year resolutions – for 2013. The last one – new year resolutions – is a topic on its own, so I’d like to draw attention to the one special … Continue reading

family fridges

On our way out of the gym my husband, daughter, son, three haversacks and I, stopped over at the reception area to buy energy bars. No. The kids didn’t work out at the gym. They were at the gym creche. No. The energy bars weren’t for my kids, nor for me (having another kid inside … Continue reading


My husband recently thought that we could start giving our kids some juice. I’ve always been against complex drinks. Firstly, if it’s home-made – let’s be honest, it’s a hassle squeezing ten oranges to make one glass of juice. And then, why not just eat fresh, raw fruit – are we so lazy to chew? … Continue reading