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the war of the hedgehog

to evoke critical thought… to create discomfort… to question the origin and ownership of leading synergies and media organisations… to remind one of the depths of compassion and love humans are capable of… A story about characters, shaped and shaken by the contextuality of an exaggerated – yet, with reminiscence of our presence – time, the … Continue reading


I wondered how one could possibly talk about history with their kids, at least from the part where beer-loving Gutenberg thought of using the wine press to make books, of all things. It’s obvious why he did it – he hated wine! But that’s besides the point. If he didn’t ever come up with such a crazy idea, … Continue reading

the new Homo

Wait, that title doesn’t sound right. There is a common trait among young people. It is the inability to stay focused on what they talk about for over a minute (approximately). It’s not a judgment and I don’t qualify this trait as bad or good. In fact, many youngsters I’ve met often tell me that … Continue reading


Good morning, world! This is the morning news bulletin. You don’t have much time, and because you don’t have much time we’ve made sure you get news-updated on what’s been happening around the globe, while you were snoring away all night long, under your thick, soft quilt. Now drink your coffee in quick spasms, text … Continue reading

switching roles

Following the common practice of casual Fridays, I’d like to propose the “switch the role” weekends to people across the globe. It’ll be fun. In some parts – scary. Imagine a rapist switching roles with the raped…I think he’ll be tortured for a very long time first. Then killed. Killed slowly. Ok, imagine case scenarios … Continue reading

cinema date

I love going to the cinema. The moving picture is so fascinating. Montages, subjective camera, special effects. I love going to a cinema date, too. But ever since we got our first kid, and then our second kid a year and a half later, and then our third kid, another year later, I still love … Continue reading


You know how friends, or relatives, sometimes come to you and announce something really unexpectedly? Just like that. Out of the blue. Like, “ma, I joined the worshipers of Satan community”, or “honey, I’m … gay but never mind, I’ll still take care of the kids”. The same way a friend of mine I met … Continue reading


The Economist’s cover hit it again. The article went about the fact that inventions occur at a much slower pace than before. Not only, inventions fare poorly in terms of their usability compared to the loo. You won’t get sick without a cell phone, or a smart phone, or a nano gadget, but just imagine … Continue reading

image culture

Photos of sunbathing royal breasts, political caricatures, religiously offensive videos, political mayhem, war, famine, death; magical mascaras, mouth-watering burgers, porn for any taste and age, protestors, injured, dead, each one telling their concrete story out of their habitat: the image – still or moving. WELCOME to the Image Culture, ladies and gentlemen, toddlers and adolescents! … Continue reading