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Once there was a taxi driver who lived and drove his taxi in the big American city. This taxi driver wasn’t originally born in the big American city. In fact, he had come from far away, from a place where, once, the very Spartans trained their warrior sons. He was disarmingly charming, unintentionally bright, physically … Continue reading


I came across several articles this weekend about fashion related to children. The word “kidult” caught my eye and I couldn’t help but write about it. Not about its meaning. That was simple. It means kids’ clothes replicating those of adults. But more about the impact valuing clothes at such an early age and putting … Continue reading


Whatever happened to the good old beach going with nothing in my bag but a towel and a pack of cards or backgammon (iPad/Kindle if it was available then, for sure)? I took my kids to the beach today – been braving to do that on my own lately. What else could you do while … Continue reading

war talk

We had an interesting ride back from London, my husband and I. Behind us, on the plane, there was a couple with three young boys, about 7, 5 and 3, their ages. The eldest two were sitting right behind us with another passenger. The boys’ parents were in the seats behind, with their youngest sibling. … Continue reading


Gay parade, Trafalgar Square, London, July 7, 8. Why, I wondered, gays have parades? More than any other people, movements, formations, and aspirations? And the mess they leave behind – not very gay-friendly. What’s there to parade about nowadays? It’s not like you’re dating a chihuahua and you protest for marriage rights. The gay parade … Continue reading


I couldn’t believe what I witnessed, about an hour ago, coming back from the foodstore with my two kids (and one in my belly), with grocery bags, heat, tiredness, kids and all hanging on to me. Our neighbour, the one who is posting us warning, legal letters that he’ll sue us if we don’t stop … Continue reading


Losing a cleaner is like losing your thumbs. You don’t realise how essential they are in everything you do. What bothers me though is not the fact of losing a cleaner but the unwritten status these people acquire in your life. They are the bosses. In fact, from a simple cleaner, I thought about many … Continue reading


Can we create a timeline of the life of humour in human beings? Along with the level of it during each time bracket, where 1 will be”none” and 10 will be “hysterically funny”? 0-12 years Humour is born and develops up to a certain level 4. With parents working in the Circus, maybe it’ll get … Continue reading


I had the funniest opera experience in my life two nights ago! Venue: Anglican church (what???) Show: A fully staged La Traviata performance in it. Audience: My husband and I – first to get there, so eager and excited. My husband? He has collected “credits” as he put it, for agreeing to go. So, I … Continue reading

Robert F. Scott

I waited a whole week for one specific TV program. Hey, TV isn’t always bad. British TV, especially. Anyway, it was a program about Robert Falcon Scott – the great British explorer who led the Terra Nova expedition to the South Pole in 1911. The program’s reenactment of the true events was based on Scott’s … Continue reading