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the war of the hedgehog

to evoke critical thought… to create discomfort… to question the origin and ownership of leading synergies and media organisations… to remind one of the depths of compassion and love humans are capable of… A story about characters, shaped and shaken by the contextuality of an exaggerated – yet, with reminiscence of our presence – time, the … Continue reading

mother’s day

I would like to propose to the World Establishment to re-word this celebrated day from Mother’s Day to Woman’s Day. Wait, there is a Woman’s Day day already. Or, was that one during Communism? Mother’s Day. I get the idea that society wishes to acknowledge all the moms on one day (because the other 364 … Continue reading

image culture

Photos of sunbathing royal breasts, political caricatures, religiously offensive videos, political mayhem, war, famine, death; magical mascaras, mouth-watering burgers, porn for any taste and age, protestors, injured, dead, each one telling their concrete story out of their habitat: the image – still or moving. WELCOME to the Image Culture, ladies and gentlemen, toddlers and adolescents! … Continue reading

war talk

We had an interesting ride back from London, my husband and I. Behind us, on the plane, there was a couple with three young boys, about 7, 5 and 3, their ages. The eldest two were sitting right behind us with another passenger. The boys’ parents were in the seats behind, with their youngest sibling. … Continue reading

why the title

I’ve been getting new followers every day since I resumed writing – after the May break when I was swamped with other work and couldn’t cope (too many socks to wash; too many pampers to change and a big research paper to finish). I thought a lot about why I’m writing all this. People who … Continue reading

street names

Some streets are tidy and spotless (minus the chewing gum – those black spots on the asphalt). Some streets have vomit and garbage flying around. Some streets have prostitutes on them promising to take you for 20 minutes to heaven (unclear if travel insurance is included). Some streets have more hair saloons than actual inhabitants … Continue reading


This is my 100th post. I thought about what its subject should be. There are so many things happening right now to cry and shout about; to grumble about and procrastinate. Rarely to acknowledge someone or to be thankful for something. There are more car or bus bomb explosions to announce, victims to mourn. In … Continue reading


What with the ribena and the energy food posts I may as well go all the way in the food chain and dig in on more matters related to food. Mainly, there is one that I have no answer to but really, really want to find a simple explanation for it. And that is, why infants eat when … Continue reading


I love football. Football is such a great game, in spite of Italian players‘ bogus acts every now and again. Or maybe it’s because of footballers’ drama acts sometimes that I love it so much. It’s funny and it’s fun. It gathers people and makes people love each other. It makes opposing supporters hate each other … Continue reading