Good morning, world! This is the morning news bulletin. You don’t have much time, and because you don’t have much time we’ve made sure you get news-updated on what’s been happening around the globe, while you were snoring away all night long, under your thick, soft quilt. Now drink your coffee in quick spasms, text … Continue reading

ugly people

My mom once asked me why there are so many ugly people. Sometimes I think she’s just like a kid – wild curiosity on things that are out of focus, raw intellect, high intelligence, stripped of diplomacy, shoved into an adult body. She had come to visit us again in Malta and while waiting at … Continue reading


I’ve been reading about how to spur creativity. Apparently, I have three options, at least those are the only ones known to the experienced experts, or, maybe it was just a bunch of options preferred by a lazy, weird junky. There are three common ways to wake up your right side of the brain – … Continue reading

switching roles

Following the common practice of casual Fridays, I’d like to propose the “switch the role” weekends to people across the globe. It’ll be fun. In some parts – scary. Imagine a rapist switching roles with the raped…I think he’ll be tortured for a very long time first. Then killed. Killed slowly. Ok, imagine case scenarios … Continue reading


I propose any one of the following slogans for a possible favourite to those who don’t have one yet. I suspect that when my kids become teenagers, they’ll hardly think of slogans, mottos, or any other smart-pants shibboleths which to use as a guide to how to live their lives, so, in case they (kids, … Continue reading


I recently discovered a website selling second-hand stuff in which I could sell my own second-hand stuff. Without the imposition of insertion fees, I quickly uploaded a few of my own possessions – jackets, shoes, and the like – to try out if they will sell. If it doesn’t, no big deal. But if it … Continue reading

always right

“Daddy is ALWAYS right…except in cases when mommy states the opposite”. My hubby teaching the kids… I couldn’t stop laughing to the witty remark.

hiding place

Anywhere, we’ll hide just about anywhere to get that little peace and quiet from kids flurry, household madness, mess, noise, spinning – my head is spinning just describing it. Back to happy place: best hiding place. The best hiding place of all? The bathroom! Long live the person who invented the modern bathroom. No wonder … Continue reading

rap song

I wonder if Shakespeare ever tried his hands at writing rap. The guy was good with the rhymes. Maybe he would have been excellent in rapping. Imagine, Richard III, the great rap tragedy. I tried writing rap. I have so much respect for rapper writers – it’s a hard business that…genre. I mean it. Apologies … Continue reading


The sales period is crazy. Sales are now nearly over, but since they create such a commotion, news headlines, perhaps – divorces, too, I decided to dedicate a couple of thoughts on the phenomenon. My very first experience with sales in London this year, taught me a lesson. It also made me realise what a … Continue reading